My amazing nanny

My super amazing nanny folded every piece of laundry in my house today. AND my kids were alive when I got home. Double bonus! Thanks Mose!


Brooke Bites It

we watched brooke do this about a hundred times. I assure you- no baby was harmed in the making of this video. Unless you count being laughed at as being harmed...I swear she didn't seem to mind.

In recent news

Jo bit it HARD and landed on her chin.  Poor girl

We painted & decorated the back porch, using signs from the front of the house.

We touched up trim, and discovered Baylor's got an inner hambone...

...which is genetic, apparently.

Jo is on a hot cocoa kick

My dad made me this amazing house number windchime, which he created out of copper- even the little bells

and this part made me cry

Jo started fairy princess dance class

a very special nephew was born

and with a few passes of the clippers my baby became a BOY