In recent news

Jo bit it HARD and landed on her chin.  Poor girl

We painted & decorated the back porch, using signs from the front of the house.

We touched up trim, and discovered Baylor's got an inner hambone...

...which is genetic, apparently.

Jo is on a hot cocoa kick

My dad made me this amazing house number windchime, which he created out of copper- even the little bells

and this part made me cry

Jo started fairy princess dance class

a very special nephew was born

and with a few passes of the clippers my baby became a BOY


Tera said...

LOVE this! Super cute pictures and Baylor look so handsome! xoxo

Anonymous said...

i wanted to cry i remember dad doing this to jack now he is a big boy and lets just hope he will still need his mommy hugs. looks like he is ready for football.ooxx