Dirt pile

You know what my mud pit of a property needed? More dirt.


While traveling recently for work, I found out that I was not eligible to rent a car because my drivers license (unbeknownst to me) was quite expired.  This was not a good start to the trip.

At the end of my trip, while getting off the parking lot shuttle, my carry on suitcase (and trusty travel companion) sort of fell from the bus steps and extended like this:

Which means that for the last TEN YEARS I have been UNNECESSARILY and awkwardly shuffling through airports with my suit case like this:

which was as far as I thought the handle extended.


Interesting new blog

this is kinda cool.....check out this new blog I discovered:


In recent news

When we bought our palatial estate, we were not especially impressed with the number of "outbuildings." They're a bit creepy and unless you have a LOT of stuff to store, they're not really practical either.  Luke and I may not be skilled "doers" but we are good "undoers"  Here's the lean-to on the garage before:


and after. Oh wait. No after pictures, and it is dark so I'm not going outside to take pictures.

The kids both got sick twice.  Lots of baths

and momma 'nuggles

We met cousin Brooke at a Salem children's museum

but quickly ditched it for some farm time with Uncle Buddy!

Mommy went out of town for work, so the kids experienced an improvement in their daily diet

and since Mommy's drivers license expired in 2012, Daddy shipped Mommy's passport to her so she could return to Oregon:

And our tiny dancer blossomed in her coordination and graceful ways.  (well....just take my word for it)

Nephews x 2!

Both sides of our family are dominated by females.  Which is why we were especially excited to get a new BOY on each side:

First, welcome Casey Stephens (graciously brought into this world by his wonderful momma Patty & daddy Jack):

(PS- here is my nannie who also gave birth half a decade ago to a "casey stephens")

And second is our sweet boy Kaden Collins! Naomee & Randy have the sweetest little guy who I've seen out of Naomee's arms maybe twice since he has been born :)

We are so excited to add two sweet little guys to the mix! (Richard, Thomas & Baylor are also super thankful!)

reminds me of someone

For some reason this picture of Jo
reminds me of....


3 year old mash up

Jo's compiled a little mash up of her fave hits.