Nephews x 2!

Both sides of our family are dominated by females.  Which is why we were especially excited to get a new BOY on each side:

First, welcome Casey Stephens (graciously brought into this world by his wonderful momma Patty & daddy Jack):

(PS- here is my nannie who also gave birth half a decade ago to a "casey stephens")

And second is our sweet boy Kaden Collins! Naomee & Randy have the sweetest little guy who I've seen out of Naomee's arms maybe twice since he has been born :)

We are so excited to add two sweet little guys to the mix! (Richard, Thomas & Baylor are also super thankful!)

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Brianna said...

The mental image of Nannie Stephens giving birth to Uncle Casey only 5 years ago is too funny. I know you meant century, but talk about a miraculous birth. :)