House Work

We are in the midst of 9,993 projects.  I keep thinking I'll blog when one is DONE, which has resulted in zero blog posts.  So instead we'll just post what we've got partially done, in the interest of preserving some of these days and months for our children- who I fully expect will pour over these blogs one day when we're old & gray to see what their parents were doing/like when they were still young, attractive, witty, and sane.  We are definitely young, attractive, witty, and sane.

Luke & I took a day off work recently to work on some things we'd been meaning to do:

Children's handrail.  Our steps are treacherous, narrow/steep/risky business.  So we installed an adult AND a kid handrail.  Baylor is attempting to walk up stairs now & this will hopefully make it a little bit safer. If nothing else he can use it as a rail for his skateboard someday.

A new dryer vent.  Somehow the old one was turned upside down, effectively catching rain water & funneling it to our dryer.

From April

Luke sanded some of our doors that were sticking.  I know this is probably in direct contradiction with some carpenters creed, so Uncle Bart, kindly look the other way in regards to the illicit things we did with your belt sander.

I got this gem off craigslist for $7.  Another $10 in spray paint & I was able to cover up the shiny gold finish to something a bit more my speed.

We got this dresser off craigslist for $135. I stripped it & added some polyurethane to it.

Then I traced the suggested opening for my new sink (this will be our bathroom vanity- guests seem to notice we don't have a sink in the bathroom).

But I decided I didn't need THAT big of a hole, so I did some freestyling with the jigsaw.  My project consultant advised me that it is hard to UNCUT a hole that is too big.  So I erred on the conservative side and made many small cuts.

And it paid off!

Coming up next: how we're hiding this baby-

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Hans and Elizabeth said...

I loyally check your blog every single day. Made for a GOOD day when I checked it and found a new post!! WOO-HOO. Thanks for the update cousin, we LOVE um.