Patty took this pic and I love it. This girl is so amazing that even after she (finally!) falls asleep at night we lay in bed and watch videos of her on our phones or laugh at the funny things she did that day. She has permanently introduced new words into our lexicon ('nuggle, 'parkle, tooterooter, and bonkahard). She sings moderately inappropriate song lyrics in public. When she gets shy she closes her eyes and raises her eyebrows (funny looking combo). She has a sensitive heart and sometimes cries when certain Mumford songs come on. She operates at a little higher anxiety level than I would prefer, for her sake. She calls her poppa and uncle jack to ask how cranes work or storm drains. Her biggest obsession right now is Curious George and pretending to have her stuffed animals pass out when the smell her breath or feet. Her fave food is waffles and syrup, she eats carrots and apples every day. She is perfect.

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Nina said...

Pure precious joy from heaven to you ! Happy 4th birthday!!!