Things I Have Carried While Running

I am especially pleased with myself when I run AND run errands at the same time.  Over the years I have transported quite a variety of items, including:

DVDs- back in the day you had to return them to blockbuster instead of put them in the mail in a little red envelope
books, from the library 
my ballot - because responsible athletes VOTE
bags of coffee

This was one of the more unusual ones- I ran to New Seasons & got a big loaf of olive ciabatta bread and then ran it home tucked under my arm like a football. It was awkward to carry, but quite light!

A 30 lb bag of dog food- I was pushing the kids in the stroller so I set it on top of the canopy, which made the stroller tip backwards every time I let go of the handle.  It was a beast of a load to push back home! 

Papa Murphys- again in the stroller. It would be way too conspicuous running down the road with a pizza in my arms.  

A basketball pump

Shoes- actually I didn't carry them, but I've run to the employee store at lunch & bought new shoes, recycled my old ones, and ran back to work in the new ones.  

Jelly sandals- these I did NOT run back in, but carried for a last minute birthday present for Jo.

And the most unusual combo I've ever carried was a pack of light bulbs & packaged guacamole.  One arm got a much better work out than the other one that evening.  

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The Olive Pit said...

Um... I can think of a few more - what about the box knife you carried when you were afraid of the butt grabber? Or... how about the two children you carried in your belly almost through your entire pregnancies? :)