Dynamics of Pregnancy in a Marriage

Today on the phone I was not-so-subtly reminding Luke that we really have to get moving on this "paint the house" project.  I didn't feel like he was fully grasping the sense of urgency I felt so I said:

"It's the middle of June. Summer is almost over. We have to get moving."

The conversation deteriorated from there, and we got off the phone.

Luke called back 2 seconds later and said:

"You are SO dramatic.  It is JUNE 19TH.  Summer doesn't even start for two more days and you just said, 'Summer is almost over.'"  

The conversation deteriorated from there, and we got off the phone.

But I couldn't let it go without a bit of an explanation, so I texted Luke:

"I may be dramatic but would like to remind you that I am nesting- which I am entitled to as a pregnant woman who has been abandoned by her husband 3 of the last four nights, once for poker and twice for NBA finals."

To which he responded:

"I'm nesting also and need male companionship during this process.  I also must avoid pregnant women during this ordeal.  Please be understanding."

And so it goes, for us.


Go go gadget

My body is like, "ohhhh yeah. We know what to do about this situation! Go go gadget uterus!" :) 11 weeks, due with number three this New Year's Eve!


A Night Out

Luke & I decided at the last minute to go to the beach (alone) for the night.  Big BIG thanks to my parents for watching the little peeps while we got away for 24 hours of zero responsibility.  Here were some of the highlights:

1. We (of course) hit up the casino.  Luke asked this morning about embroidered men's jeans. He said, "If I see a guy and he's wearing a shirt with flowers on it, I can tell you without even looking that his jeans will be bedazzled."  He's not impressed.  But I'd REALLY like to see Luke in bedazzled jeans.

2. We stayed at Motel 6 because it was only one night and I'm cheap. It looks pretty nice from the outside, so I figured it couldn't be that bad. It wasn't so bad except that there was no shampoo, no hair dryer, and no coffee maker. I don't need a private fireplace or whirlpool tub, but I do need coffee.

3. I accidentally lost all of my cash at blackjack.  Despite the overwhelming shame of it, I walked into the poker room and in front of an entire table of men, asked my husband for more money.  A less committed gambler might have just called it a night rather than interrupt a cash game to have her husband dig cash out of his wallet. But to this I suggest: you can't win if you don't play/everyone gets lucky sometimes/you're bound to win at some point/someone's gonna win, it might as well be me/and other quotes that accompany somber looking people on billboards with "www.gamblingaddictionhelp.org" websites on them.

4. Luke and I went for a run together- which has only happened about 3 times in history.  He insisted on running barefoot (despite my advice) and pulled a muscle.  Still, he stuck it out for four miles.  He's a really entertaining running partner.  But that may not be worth the next 5-9 days of being an injured dwelling partner.

5. To get adequately pumped for our run, Luke queued up some inspirational music.  As I climbed in the car he looked to me and said, "It's not Mackle-less, it's MackleMORE." And then his tahoe was transformed into a base-pumping den of fitness inspiration with "Can't Hold Us" blasting out of the speakers (while we cruised down 101 at 9am).


Three Years Later, Someone Still Likes Frosting

I took this picture in Phoenix at Sav's 2nd birthday party:

And this one a few weeks back at Jo's 4th birthday party:

Guess some things don't change ;)