A Painted House

One of the things we've been looking forward to the most is painting the outside of our house.  It is covered in rather unattractive yellow asbestos shingles.  So far they've taken primer like a champ & even seeing the house covered in primer is quite an improvement! We are just now starting on the final color- a dark navy/gray color with white trim.  Absolutely nothing is finished, it is all in various stages of unfinish....like every other project we do :)


**Excuse the giant mess in the yard.  We drag everything everywhere and don't bother putting it away since we like to be able to work on the fly (my Uncle Bart, according to Libby's blog, will not be impressed by this job site. At all.)

Part one: send your husband up about 25 feet up in the air and ask him to scrape all the scary high parts (lead pant=no good for baby).  Rock the ladder a little here & there to check his reflexes.

Part two: While he is dangling from a ladder, use a roller to prime the front porch in about 30 minutes, then facebook the heck out of it.  Decide going forward to only handle tasks that go quickly and provide instant, visible results for facebook purposes.

Part three: Mitigate ladder threat by buying husband a stabilizer.  Increase risk by leaning the ladder too far from the house (good point Uncle Bart- and duly noted-- he is being much more careful about the lean angle).  Post a picture of him on facebook so you don't look so self serving, only posting pics of your own achievements and all.

Part four: slap up the first coat of blue, and elect to photograph your work instead of cutting in to complete an entire coat.  Rest on your laurels for another two or three weeks until the mood to paint strikes again ;)


Ashley Ropp said...

Okay, even thought it's only partially done it looks AMAZING! Great job!

Anonymous said...

your work schedule plus clean jobsite makes me also cring. i feel sorry for poor luke he must really love you to put up with your sick sense of humor but hey the house looks fantastic. ooxx