Big stinkin box

This weekend we went to Bart and Linda's. Unless she was eating Cheetos or Popsicles she was sitting in cousin Julia's cardboard craft office- a big refrigerator box morphed into something crafty by Aunt Linda. Imagine my distress when Uncle Bart offered to get her a box for her own house. He doesn't realize what a slave driver Jo is- there will be no peace until she gets what she wants. Luckily Uncle Bart is a man of his word and a mere 18 hours later I arrive home to a giant box on my front porch....and a four year old who is even more enthused and impatient.

So today after work I got out the razor blade and tape. We worked off Linda's masterpiece for inspiration and Jo carefully compared Linda's work to mine- pointing out my shortcomings at every turn. We got slightly off course when I ripped off a piece of cardboard that hit her in the eye. I am not saying I did it on purpose, but her vision for imperfection was slightly less acute as a result.

And so we worked on, cutting, taping and comparing ourselves to Linda. "But mom- Julia's had a bell and a chimney for mail delivery!" "Julia's window has paper curtains!" "Julia's has boxes clipped to the sides!" Etc. I had to point out that we are stalled until we get more duct tape (where oh where is my duct tape?) after which we can shore up the foundation and framing. Then we can proceed to such details as a mail slot and bell. See? I have learned something by reading my cousin's blog on house building. Duct tape first, bells later.

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