My new camera

After spilling an entire cup of coffee into my purse, which unfortunately contained my camera, I've been camera-less for several months. I finally just ordered a cheap one & will now resume taking pictures of my children.  Case in point:

This is one of my favorites.  Also a good depiction of our house colors (dark blue, white trim & the porch will be repainted a rust red) and how sloppy we are at painting.


Mean muggin'

This boy spends a good deal of time laughing.  Luke says every time he sees Baylor run out of a room with a devilish laugh and I am chasing after him, that he thinks it must be a replay of my mom chasing jack 25 years ago.  Quite possible.

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Anonymous said...

100 percent true if jack was laughing it usually meant something was up and when i found out what it was i usually, not always, started laughing too. i can remember thinking that this kid laughed way too much. ooxx