A Sweet Memorial

Luke's Grandpa Dave passed away 13 years ago this fall, and Grandma Jo passed away last year. One of their favorite family traditions was their annual camping trip at Crescent Lake.  Every year a different assortment of family assembles to read by the pavillion, lay by the lake, and eat crazy amounts of food.  Here are some pictures at Crescent Lake from years gone by...

Grandma & Uncle Michael

Grandma Jo, Sara Jo, and Cassandra Jo- manning the smores ingredients

Grandma & Uncle Kelly

Grandma, her best friend C.B., Christina & Taylor

Grandma & her brother in law, Uncle Chuck

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Beth & Uncle Chuck

Grandma & Aunt Jenny in their camping coats (that's how I am sure this was taken at CL)

Uncle Dave, Grandma & Dave D.

Grandma & Aunt Beth by the lake

Grandma & Grandpa

I'm not sure exactly what the context of this picture is, but pretty sure Grandma is frying bacon and eggs and Grandpa is standing with his plate ready

So it was quite fitting that they wanted their remains spread together at the lake.  They each had beautiful memorial services when they passed away, and this year family gathered down at the lake to see them off.

The siblings rolled up their pant legs & waded into the lake.  Sara & Jenny had Grandma's ashes, David & Michael had Grandpa's.  They started a ways from each other and spread the ashes as they walked towards each other, finally combining the remains together and letting them drift into the water.

It was a beautiful, sweet thing to watch.


Nina said...

How good God is to give us such precious family in our life. We cherish all they taught us with having them in our lives. And the gift goes on as we pass them on to all the little ones.

God bless you with love and prayers!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post brought tears to my eyes ooxx karen

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post brought tears to my eyes ooxx karen