The Serpent

1. Last time Jo stayed with my parents, my Dad let her watch a show called "Killer Snakes." 
2. Today my dad called to inform Jo that he has caught her a pet snake.
3. The snake is in a jar on my parent's kitchen counter.
4. My dad explained that he created a micro habitat that the snake would be familiar with, complete with sand, rocks, and foliage.
5. He has stocked the jar with worms, as food for the snake.
6. According to my dad, my mom is not bothered by the fact that there is a snake in her kitchen. 
7. I asked Jo what she'd name the snake, and she answered: "Cupcakes."
8. I find all of this quite disturbing.
9. I am advocating for Cupcakes' release back into the wild.
10. If my dad or daughter object, I'll go peta on them and do it under a cloak of darkness, but then notify local and national media to claim the deed. 

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Anonymous said...

The picture looks just like cupcake.