Giant Long Post

This is a conglomerate post of all the things going on as of late.

1.  Tonight, in hopes of kick starting labor, I embarked on a vigorous (ha...I honestly believe people WALK faster than I was "running") 3 mile jog with these two.  I did not induce labor. I did sweat enough to justify the consumption of ridiculous amounts of Christmas cookies.

2. My kids spend Thursday mornings with my mother in law. She is awesome.  She sent me this pic titled "Selfie Thursday!" It made me smile.

Then I got to her house, and my kids attacked me, trying to shove their dirty little hands in my mouth for no good reason:

Then Grandma Sara informed me that they had not yet had time to get their weekly McDonalds ice cream cones.  She passed the buck (this is the SECOND week in a row that she has let them down and I've had to pick up the slack) so my kids cried until I agreed to stop by McDonalds on the way home.
THEN I pulled up at the McDonalds drive through and was told that their ice cream machine was BROKEN.  BROKEN!?!? So then look at what I had to deal with:

3. Jo had a "preschool program" where they sang 2 songs and then decorated gingerbread houses with their parents.  I have to say- growing up I always felt completely supported by my parents throughout all my sporting/academic events. They never missed anything, they acted like it was the  most important thing in their world, and they liked to talk about my successes or achievements ALMOST as much as I did ;) So now the tables have turned and I found out that it is even MORE fun to be someone's biggest fan than to HAVE someone be your biggest fan.  When I walked into the room and Jo saw me, the look on her face was priceless. She jumped up and down, kept giving me super enthusiastic thumbs up, and then told her preschool buddies that her mom had arrived.  That smile of hers & my proud bursting heart is the most beautiful part of parenting.

4. Jack, my little brother, turned 30.  He's hard to shop for- so no wonder everyone who stopped by brought him the same thing: whiskey!

The best thing ever was that he sent me a thank you card.  The card had kittens on it, and inside was a copy of his senior pic.  It made my day. Then I gave it all to Jo & told her it was a letter to her from Uncle Jack, and it made HER day.  See how much joy he spreads?

5. The kids have an elf on the shelf named BIFF.  Biff brought them a gingerbread house kit, which was a fun activity cut short when I realized how fast they could inhale candy at 9am.

6. Two things about Jo: her headbands tend to droop forward like 80's sweat bands, and her daddy takes her to get hot chocolate & go to the library on Saturdays while Baylor and I nap. Here's a pic of her perusing literature.

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