Our Life, According to Our Christmas Tree

30 years from now our Christmas tree will be a tacky mix of home made and commemorative ornaments- which suits me just fine.  It will never match, coordinate, or have a theme (sorry Gran!).  With that in mind, here's our first 16 years together in Christmas ornaments (in no particular order):

Marriage 2002: 

Jo's birth 2009:

Rucker joined the fam, 2004:

Our forever home 2012:

Grandma Jo passed away in 2012- we have several of her ornaments on our tree but this is the one that I feel is "most grandma jo"

Here's a Grandma Jo & Grandpa Dave ornament:

We got Annie the cat, 2003:

Denver won the Super Bowl ('97 and '98)

We got Tober the cat, 2001, who later was presumed dead after an unexplained absence :(

And...um...Baylor's birth in 2011.  That's not even his picture.  I will rectify this issue before he is old enough to realize that the dead cat ornament is more accurate than his birth ornament, I promise.

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