The last month

Our house used to be yellow
Now it is blue

Baylor is now old enough to sit on the swing reliably.   Jo isn't quite old enough to push him reliably, but we're letting it happen anyhow

Baylor approves

We took Navy to meet her great grandma, Nannie

Jo is so creative.  Left to her own devices (which happens frequently) she comes up with the most random art projects.  This was a series of 3 rules (I was the rule breaker, under threat of incarceration by the cop, aka Jo) taped in different spots around the house.  I'll interpret them for you.  From left to right: 
1) No sharks in the bathtub with Navy
2) No bubbles in the bathtub with Navy
3) No letting Navy cry

I framed my kids

Cousin Casey came to visit and the kids played trains

It snowed

Here's what our house looked like covered in snow

The kids didn't like being wet or cold, so we elected to do snowmen indoors

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