The Perils of Being the Youngest Child

It all started out innocently enough. Just our little fam, hanging out together in bed.  Daddy wrestling Jo & Bay, Mommy holding me.

And then I heard things get a little wiley over to my right.

But no cause for panic. Mom's got me safe & sound. I love times like this, all of my peeps together and having a good time.

OMG. My brother & sis are SO funny! Lol.

Then all of the sudden I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

HOLD UP.  Is that a FOOT coming at me?



*** BONK ***

So much for mom's protection.  Gonna have to sleep with one eye open. Make that two.


Kate said...

This is the greatest sequence of pictures ever!!!

Anonymous said...

this is so funny thanks for the gut laugh navy's expressions are priceless ooxx mom