March in Review

We went to the park to wear the kids out (that is the ONLY reason we ever go to the park).  I devised a super crafty plan in which I would dole out stale 4-month old crackers one by one so that the kids had to run up & down the dock to feed the ducks.  Brilliant, I thought.  It worked 3 times before Baylor decided HE wanted to sit in one spot and eat the duck food. Joke's on me.  But then I didn't really have to cook them dinner since they were stuffed to the brim with expired carbs.  So joke's back on them.

We've been doing a lot of yardwork (not that you would notice) lately & the kids love being outside (until they get dirty, wet, or hungry- whichever comes first).  Here's a pic I took from inside of Luke taking a pic of Baylor.  They are such a cute pair.

Our neighbor brought us a pie.  Which Baylor's spoon skillfully detected.

Someone went to kindergarten round up, and someone only cried once and successfully hid her tears from the other parents who obviously have no soul because they didn't seem to be weeping at the thought of sending their teeny tiny child off to school.


The Difference Between Potty Training Girls & Boys

Baylor Blitz is working on potty training, and proving to be much easier to train than his big sis.

The primary challenges have been:
1) Vocabulary: girls wear "panties" and boys wear "undies"
2) Luke. Who on his first attempt at assisting Baylor was found awkwardly holding him superman style about 3 feet above the toilet with Bay's privates aimed in the general direction of the toilet.  Baylor and Luke both looked uncomfortable and unsure.  I quickly explained to Luke that little boys typically begin their training in the SEATED position. Fine that this hadn't occurred to Luke, but odd that his first instinct was to suspend Baylor perpendicular to the floor.  Men.
3) Mechanics.  While this may be old news for men and mothers of boys, I have discovered firsthand that boy parts must be intentionally aimed downward toward the toilet bowl.  The alternative involves bleaching your bathroom floor.
4) Anatomy.  Baylor knows he has a penis, which is good.  Baylor thinks I have one too, which is not good.  After a quick run down on anatomy he is now aware that girls have "ginos" as he calls them.

One thing that has not been a challenge:
1) Confidence.  Baylor, like the rest of the male population, is quite impressed with his urinary capabilities and equipment.  He can often be found mid-stream exclaiming things like, "OH! Look at my big daddy silverback penis!"  For all the restorative confidence gained in a single potty trip it is shocking men don't go to the bathroom more often.

Here's Bay rocking it freestyle and working on his "costruction."


one, two, three!

Flashes always shock and surprise Navy:

One Month:

Two Months:

Three Months:

Here's Navy's TWO MONTH pic, a little late:

Here's Navy's THREE MONTH pic, wearing a naval-inspired outfit courtesy of Aunt Laurie.  This will be the first of MANY sailor-esque photo shoots I am sure.

My eye is bigger than my stroller

Incorporating errands into my run gives me a rare sense of motivation and purpose.  I have run library books back, gone to pick up things at the grocery store, buy dog food, etc.  "Running" errands (bwahaaaahaaaa) with the stroller at least makes the best of having to push it (which is not my favorite).  Twice in the last six months I've gone to Target and made the mistake of buying a little more than my chariot can carry- all in the name of saving money.

November: Halloween clearance had just been marked down to 75% off and I knew these fake light up pumpkins weren't going to be on the shelf long.  I had no choice but to purchase them and risk the chance of losing them on the way home.  Baylor dropped/threw his pumpkin twice I believe, but no permanent damage was sustained. You can't tell by the pic but I also had copious amounts of fake spider-webbing and other Halloween decorations shoved in the stroller pockets.

Last week: Target was having a 50% off diaper deal.  I primarily use G diapers but disposables are good to have on hand.  The kicker was that they only had size 3 and 4 in stock- but as I had gone all the way up there I was NOT leaving target without my cheap dipes.  So I paid for my 4 BIG boxes of diapers that won't fit Navy for another 3 months and then stood in the customer service area trying to figure out how to get 600 diapers + Navy home safely.  I was quite sweaty/smelly and unpacking diapers & breaking down cardboard at Target on a Sunday morning--- I just kept my head down & avoided making eye contact with anyone.  I trotted off as fast as I could, all the while hoping I wasn't leaving a trail of Luvs with Leakguard behind me.  We made use of the undercarriage basket and empty seat next to navy- I was worried the big box would tip off the bottom but we made it home without losing a diaper.


The cups in my cupboard

A rather random collection, but my mismatched coffee cups are all of sentimental value. Many were aquired by taking cups of coffee to go from the houses of loved ones.

My latest Nike Golf cup, from when we moved into our beautiful new building. I love my job. 

This was aquired from Luke's parents house.  I love it because it I know they also aquired it, not something they would have bought themselves. I'll have to ask if they know where it came from.  Also, it is the cup Jo prefers, probably because it is  pink.
Plain, white, classic. This is from my parent's house. The vision I have of these cups is stuffed to the brim with orange peels and in clusters of 3 or 4 on my parents porch. That's because my dad accumulates them in his truck, puts his orange peels in them as he drives, and then when he has run out of cup space for his hot fresh cup of coffee in the morning he empties his truck and leaves them all on the porch. Since my mom's stroke and having children I have spent more time with my parents than I might have otherwise- all time I am so thankful to have with them. I have lots of happy memories of spending the night there while Luke is out of town so that my dad can play with the kids while I run in the morning. And it always starts with my dad and I sipping coffee together early before anyone else wakes up.
My anthropologie "m" cup. I feel like I received this as a gift but cannot recall who from. If you know, tell me.
My throwback Nike Golf cup, from before our logo changed.

The cup that goes with our plates and dishes- the ones we registered for when we got married 12 years ago. It is probably time to get a new set of dishes - both because they aren't my style anymore and because we have broken pieces over time- but when we finally get a new set I will for sure hang on to a few of these mugs.
Grandma Jo's kokopeli mug. We lived in her house for a few months immediately after she died while we made our new house livable. It was such a hectic, special time. Being surrounded by her things and memories sweetened our grief in an unexpected way.  I put in for this cup on the inheritance "draft" and Sara picked it on my behalf.  Sometime Luke sips coffee out of it while he surfs the net in the morning before his work out. I know he is thinking of his grandma then.

And this gem. From the only night I have ever had a slumber party at my sis' house. I spent the night there half way prego with Navy so I could run the Albany half marathon the next morning, and so that we could have a candy crush marathon. She made me delicious coffee and I drove to the race sipping from this mug. A gift to ash, this is also a cup she wouldn't have purchased for herself. 


The Best: Physical Feelings

I don't think I could forget the way these things feel; but should they fade or get lost in my mind over time, here I'll have them recorded:

1. My mom's cool hands on my forehead, checking for fever and smoothing back my hair.
2. Sitting on my dad's lap at Nannie's Christmas Eve dinner and listening to the bass of his voice and heartbeat through his chest.
3. The way a GOOD run feels- when the weather is sunny but cool, the daphne is blooming, the music is just right and my feet feel like they are FLYING.
4. The fulfilling exhaustion after ANY run.
5. The stuffy feeling in your nose and head after you're done with a good cry, and when whatever you were crying over has been made right.
6. The tucked-in feeling I get when Luke wraps both of his arms around me.
7. Going to bed sick and knowing you can sleep as long as you want without interruption.
8. When you come inside, tired, with dirt under your fingernails after a day spent gardening.
9. Laying down for a nap on a hot sunny day with the window open, a fan on, and nice clean sheets.
10. The feeling of having a tiny, vibrantly alive, warm little body placed on your chest, their bodies alternately limp and then squirming with surprising strength.  The rush to get them dried, warm, and to kiss their little heads despite all the goop in their hair.  The competing compulsion to unwrap and inspect their every little detail vs to rest your head, close your eyes, and just feel their skin on yours.
11. The feeling of a small soft hand on your breast as you nurse - sometimes casually flung, sometimes enthusiastically grabbing. But always with a bold, unashamed right of entitlement to their momma's body, time, and heart.  As it should be.
12. Holding your children as they sleep and enjoying the freedom to snuggle and pet them as their impatience will not allow for during waking hours.
13. When I stick a chilly foot across the expanse under the covers and wedge it under Luke's leg, and he scootches over a little to more fully cover it.
14. The deliciously hot feeling that starts in your feet when you add more hot water to the bath.
15. Remedying cold camping mornings by finding a sunbeam, as Grandma Jo would say, and letting it warm you slowly.