March in Review

We went to the park to wear the kids out (that is the ONLY reason we ever go to the park).  I devised a super crafty plan in which I would dole out stale 4-month old crackers one by one so that the kids had to run up & down the dock to feed the ducks.  Brilliant, I thought.  It worked 3 times before Baylor decided HE wanted to sit in one spot and eat the duck food. Joke's on me.  But then I didn't really have to cook them dinner since they were stuffed to the brim with expired carbs.  So joke's back on them.

We've been doing a lot of yardwork (not that you would notice) lately & the kids love being outside (until they get dirty, wet, or hungry- whichever comes first).  Here's a pic I took from inside of Luke taking a pic of Baylor.  They are such a cute pair.

Our neighbor brought us a pie.  Which Baylor's spoon skillfully detected.

Someone went to kindergarten round up, and someone only cried once and successfully hid her tears from the other parents who obviously have no soul because they didn't seem to be weeping at the thought of sending their teeny tiny child off to school.

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