My eye is bigger than my stroller

Incorporating errands into my run gives me a rare sense of motivation and purpose.  I have run library books back, gone to pick up things at the grocery store, buy dog food, etc.  "Running" errands (bwahaaaahaaaa) with the stroller at least makes the best of having to push it (which is not my favorite).  Twice in the last six months I've gone to Target and made the mistake of buying a little more than my chariot can carry- all in the name of saving money.

November: Halloween clearance had just been marked down to 75% off and I knew these fake light up pumpkins weren't going to be on the shelf long.  I had no choice but to purchase them and risk the chance of losing them on the way home.  Baylor dropped/threw his pumpkin twice I believe, but no permanent damage was sustained. You can't tell by the pic but I also had copious amounts of fake spider-webbing and other Halloween decorations shoved in the stroller pockets.

Last week: Target was having a 50% off diaper deal.  I primarily use G diapers but disposables are good to have on hand.  The kicker was that they only had size 3 and 4 in stock- but as I had gone all the way up there I was NOT leaving target without my cheap dipes.  So I paid for my 4 BIG boxes of diapers that won't fit Navy for another 3 months and then stood in the customer service area trying to figure out how to get 600 diapers + Navy home safely.  I was quite sweaty/smelly and unpacking diapers & breaking down cardboard at Target on a Sunday morning--- I just kept my head down & avoided making eye contact with anyone.  I trotted off as fast as I could, all the while hoping I wasn't leaving a trail of Luvs with Leakguard behind me.  We made use of the undercarriage basket and empty seat next to navy- I was worried the big box would tip off the bottom but we made it home without losing a diaper.

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Ashley Ropp said...

We rock Luvs and you didn't tell me? Sheesh!