The Difference Between Potty Training Girls & Boys

Baylor Blitz is working on potty training, and proving to be much easier to train than his big sis.

The primary challenges have been:
1) Vocabulary: girls wear "panties" and boys wear "undies"
2) Luke. Who on his first attempt at assisting Baylor was found awkwardly holding him superman style about 3 feet above the toilet with Bay's privates aimed in the general direction of the toilet.  Baylor and Luke both looked uncomfortable and unsure.  I quickly explained to Luke that little boys typically begin their training in the SEATED position. Fine that this hadn't occurred to Luke, but odd that his first instinct was to suspend Baylor perpendicular to the floor.  Men.
3) Mechanics.  While this may be old news for men and mothers of boys, I have discovered firsthand that boy parts must be intentionally aimed downward toward the toilet bowl.  The alternative involves bleaching your bathroom floor.
4) Anatomy.  Baylor knows he has a penis, which is good.  Baylor thinks I have one too, which is not good.  After a quick run down on anatomy he is now aware that girls have "ginos" as he calls them.

One thing that has not been a challenge:
1) Confidence.  Baylor, like the rest of the male population, is quite impressed with his urinary capabilities and equipment.  He can often be found mid-stream exclaiming things like, "OH! Look at my big daddy silverback penis!"  For all the restorative confidence gained in a single potty trip it is shocking men don't go to the bathroom more often.

Here's Bay rocking it freestyle and working on his "costruction."

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