An Editorial, by Guest Blogger Navy

You look funny sideways.

Ahee-hee, that's more like it!

I crack myself up.  I get that from my mom.

Sooo....time for some updates.

Found out I can chew on my hand!

Working towards getting them both in there at the same time.

Found out I have a neck! I was like, "This scrawny thing's supposed to hold up my big head!?? Um, hellooo design flaw!"

I rolled up my sleeve one day & noticed I have a crazy birthmark that looks like a bad tatt.

But then I got distracted by all these stripes.  Do they make me look wide?

I met an invisible friend one day, just hanging out in the chair. She tells me the most shocking things.

I'm always like, "Whaaaat!?!?" I don't think I can trust her.

I'll tell ya who I can trust. THIS guy.


Sometimes I try to tell my mom with my eyes, "THIS GUY'S NOT STABLE."

And then she ignores me until I cry.

And then she holds me again & I can rest easy- PHEW.


Anonymous said...

Navy is a wonderful and Soooooo cute

Love you
Aunt Laurie

Anonymous said...

what an imagination you have so funny your kids have so much expressions on their faces ooxx mom