Jo loves to play with my camera phone, and I hate deleting the HUNDREDS of pictures she takes.  Rapid fire photos of inanimate objects (like the compelling couch or profoundly symbolic microwave, etc.) and/or rapid fire photos of herself.  It is like she already knows how to be 13 on facebook.

Smiley selfie

Looking at the button not the lens selfie:

Underbite selfie:

No eye contact selfie:

Fake candid looking happily away from the camera selfie:
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Eyes closed didn't know I was being photographed (by myself) selfie:

Crooked grin selfie:

Fake just enjoying life didn't even realize my pic was being taken selfie:

ruh-roh selfie:

Make an ugly face but still make sure you look cute selfie:

And while we're on the subject, here's a how you get your hair done when your baby prefers to be with you at all times selfie:

And by far the very best: my father's first selfie with grandson Casey (aka: the "i still have a flip phone so i can't tell if i'm really taking this or not" selfie):

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Elizabeth Stephens said...

Uncle Casey's selfie is THE BEST. I have seen many of my own father, though his are unintentional.. not realizing the camera is reversed.