There are certain things I wish I could experience again:

1. Knowing what I know now, after having three babies, I wish I could have my first all over again.  I'd teach her to sleep better and I would worry less.

2. I wish I could have my third baby FIRST- I'd be able to spend more time marveling over her and savoring every single precious thing she does.

3. I wish I could be 19 again, enjoying the dual benefits of living at home and enjoying my independence.  I would savor every single time my mom yelled, "Dinner's ready!!!!" I would snuggle up to my dad on the couch and watch tv.  I would TALK to my brother and sister more. I would appreciate coming into a warm, cozy, safe house & not HAVING to clean/cook/grocery shop- and for that reason I WOULD clean/cook/contribute more. I would thank my parents a lot.

4. I wish I could marry Luke again.  The first time I said my vows it was with an overwhelming feeling of butterflies and excitement. The vows were special, but untested.  It would be so much more meaningful to say them now, knowing the ups, downs & the depth of happiness we had in store for us.

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Ashley Ropp said...

Oh this is just the best!