What I've Learned From My Mom

In honor of my mom's recent birthday, I thought I'd show my affection for her in the Stephens family love language: by flattering her.  So here are all the things I've learned from my Mom.

Take risks. Like holding a toddler while wearing a tube top.

Colorblock like nobody's business.

Show off your domestic talent by MAKING CLOTHES for your kids.  Case in point? My floral MC Hammer pants.

Don't let people give you crap for a little show-boating.  Every photo needs a focal point, so why not be it?

Enjoy all of your walks down the aisle.

If you're having an adorable hair day, accentuate with a headband.

And if you're having a horrid hair day? Hide it with a kerchief.

Oh and if you have a perm...

Coordinate it with your husband's

(because I KNOW this will be brought up, I will clarify for the record that my father never, not once, permed his hair. It really was that curly. My mom copied HIM.)

Glamour shots don't have to look cheap.  But they do have to look dated.

Lounge when you can

and fight like hell when you have to.

Learn all your mom's cooking secrets.

If you want a picture of your flowers, make the kids stand in the yard and pretend you're photographing them.

Cultivating a healthy level of fear in your kids will allow you to guide and direct them with so little as a single menacing look.

Pearls are timeless.

A modest robe is appropriate for Christmas morning photos.  Also, it is ok to style your youngest child's hair in a mullet for your own amusement.

It is perfectly acceptable to go camping and: a) pack and use a broom b)drive into town to use the laundromat and c) insist on hot showers.

Stand by your man.

When opening gifts, affecting a little shock & awe is appropriate.  Here I am practicing what my mom taught me.  You can see I have a lot to learn - her shock & awe over the baby monitor is more subtle and believable.

It takes crazy skills to photobomb yourself in your OWN PICTURE


You simply cannot go wrong with a poofy-frilly-lacey white blouse.



Point proven.

Master a craft and make your self something amazing.

Then make something for someone else.

Choose a man for the lasting qualities of is character, not his hair.

Jazz it up with sequins.

Love and care for your elders.

Be proud of your children.

Savor your grandchildren

And don't let them tell you that young love

doesn't last.


Anonymous said...

i haven;t seen these pics in ages laughed until i cried so sad to see my weight gain through time love you and a good thing you wrote this to counteract the other one ooxx mom

Anonymous said...

That was very nice Uncle Bart

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle this is great! Your mom is awesome for putting up with you! The pic of jack getting the look is the best evvvver! Tera