Baylor's *First* Birthday Party

Here's the deal- Baylor didn't exactly get a first birthday party.  Or a second birthday party.  And the one time I throw him a legit party & make him a big dessert he nearly died by choking on a gummy worm in it and then no one ate it and I had to take it to work and pawn it off on coworkers who normally wouldn't eat something that horrible looking but when given the choice of working or eating, they're going to choose eating, no matter what the aesthetics of the food.

For Bay's first bday we had the Stephens over for take out omelettes in the morning

and did cupcakes with the Middlebrooks in the afternoon.

And then for his second birthday I think no one could really make it, so I think we did something sort of low key.  For example, for breakfast Luke fed him special birthday cornflakes:

And for dinner, I prepared for him this special birthday corn dog that he ate in a special birthday grocery cart at a special birthday store called Fred Meyer.  With his shirt on inside out.

Probably there is an entire themed table set with goodie bags and pinatas and an amazing cake just out of frame. But maybe not.

But THIS year Mr. Baylor Blitz partied like a rock star.  He got a pinterest-fail cake.  Which was actually a cookie-brownie bar dirt track with worms and trucks. I went the extra mile for health and hygiene and bought NEW trucks that I then DISHWASHED for sanitation.  I really pulled out all the stops for this kid.

I bathed him and clipped his nails.  This is as much primping as a three year old boy (and his mom) can handle, so in between the bath & scheduled guest arrival he snuck out to play in his "construction site" which is actually a dirt pile.

Then the party started.  Here's photos taken on the red carpet:
Aunt Laurie

The plaid mafia

Here's 3.26% of the Middlebrooks family

and another 3.26%

and Grandpa Dick who holds a special place in my heart, and whose extremely specific brand and flavors of condiments hold a special place in my fridge.

We had a performing bear for entertainment

There was a little bit of a bottleneck at the transportation station

and a very appropriate gift from Jack & Patty


And then he got his first chance to blow out candles,

which was quickly eclipsed by a brief choking episode in which Baylor tried to swallow a gummy worm whole and failed and luckily this guy

is the same as this guy

so he saved the day and extracted the gummy worm from my son's gullet. And saving lives is all just in a days work for this clown

Anyhow- this little fellow

had a good day judging by the end state of his paws

Here he is

making the face he makes when he is talking about something with conviction

which is to say he is probably extolling the virtues of garbage trucks, excavators and cargo trains.

He is my very favorite three year old.

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Anonymous said...

this was such a good blog it makes up for the first two non birthdays so in love with this little boy thanking god daily for luke and jack saving this little guy from a certain death by gummy worm all us ladies just stood by in shock i know i wasn't the only one with tears in my eyes. well this gives something jo can share about in kindergarden i was impressed with all you did to make baylor's third birthday a success. ooxx grammie