The Story of How Addie and I Became BFFs

Get a load of this. They brought another girl-baby to my house.

At first I was like, "Who are YOU!?" And then I showed her how I can push my arms straight out and make myself taller, which I think intimidated her a little.

Then she broke eye contact and looked away. Which in dog and baby language means, "Ok fine you can be the boss."  Which is only fair since I am older than her.

And if there is one thing I know so far, it is that the older one gets to be the boss. If you're the younger one you have to stand in the back of pictures.

And you have to listen to everything they say even if it is straight nonsense.

And most of all you always have to laugh at the older one's jokes.

But THEN I found out girl-baby wasn't deferring, she was just turning to flex on me! She was like, "Oh yeahhhh BABY? Well you might be older but I am BIGGER. Check out these biceps!"  And I did- and she was right. She could thump me!

So then I was like, "MOM! Who gets to be boss if I'm older but this girl-baby is bigger.  Does it default to cutest outfit? Cuz I'm wearing a swimsuit with a tu-tu."  But then after I said that I realized she had a hair accessory. And also she had hair.

Mom said, "Quit calling her girl-baby.  Her name is Addie and no one is the boss.  You just get to be friends."  So I said, "FINE."

So I looked her straight in the eye, from about a centimeter away

And I said, "Look Addie.  We have our differences. You're a huggies woman, I'm more of a pampers gal myself.

But between your bow and my earrings it is clear: we are two fashion forward women just trying to make it in this crazy world."

Then I gave her a friendly peck on the cheek and that is the story of how Addie and I became BFFs.

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omgosh so love this blog and pics
ooxx grammie