Johonna: Winning at LIFE

Jo was born with a fully developed personality.

In terms of conquering the world, she's sort of killing it.

Like the time she totally owned turning three.

And the time she was like, "It is virtually impossible for me to get lost at Disneyland because my mom's cell phone is written in sharpie on my paw. Also I have kick ass glasses."

And the time she was the most thriller-kid at gymnastics.

She gave ballet a spin.

Got into the swing of things,

And completely dominated that genre of dance.

She totally nailed her first day of preschool outfit.

She pedicures like nobody's business.

She had a footsy-pajama period.

Closely followed by a pirate period, which she owned.

She's a craftin' fool.

She told that gingerbread house what for.

She hardly ever lets life knock her down.

It happens to even the best of us sometimes.

But it turns out she's the bossest sibling around (literally).

And practically an expert.

Her hypothesis' are always right.

She's got brows

that are on hydraulics.

And now

she's absolutely

winning at kindergarten.


Anonymous said...

so loved this i get a kick from all of her expressions. so in love with her. great blog ooxx mom

Tera said...

Awe this made me tear up!

Ashley Ropp said...

I totally teared up. I love that little Jo bee!