My Money's Worth

I am a contradictory mix of cheap and frivolous. I hate spending a lot of money at once, but I like frequently spending little amounts of money.  I coupon, craigslist and free-on-the-side-of-the-road as verbs.  But then I buy $25 mascara or a ridiculously priced vacuum.  And I've not found a price tag on a light fixture that exceeds my ability to justify it.

But my nonsensical spending habits have short-circuited into some odd results.

Here's a list of hings I have bought at one time (well, sometimes requiring multiple trips to the store, but all within a few days):
1. 100 bottles of sweet baby ray's bbq sauce
2. 12 containers of ice cream (I've done this like 4 times this summer...it is a bit of a problem)
3. 160 POUNDS of chicken
4. 400 diapers (which I transported in my double stroller on a run back from target)
5. Something like 200 rolls of toilet paper (that was on amazon, so it was delivered conveniently)
6. 36 lbs of coffee (I've done this several times online- it nets out to $2.50 per lb, which is way better than I'd pay if I bought it weekly at the grocery store).

Just this week I bought 10 bricks of tillamook cheese (saving $30), 10 lbs of butter (saving $20), and, um, 10 more containers of ice cream (saving $40).  So see, that is a practical example of stuff I'd buy over the course of time anyhow, but I ended up saving $90.  One could argue that I'd save a lot of money (and effort in exercising) if I could kick the ice cream habit, but I'm not ready to consider it yet.

When I look upon my garage with 32 bars of soap, 8 tubes of toothpaste and 18 jars of peanut butter I feel content at the hunter/gatherer level.

On the whole, I am a "buy a new one if it breaks" kind of girl.  But there are a few things that I've kept so long that even my great Grandma Johnson would be impressed.

1. This paint brush.  If I'm not mistaken this one has lasted through the priming, painting and second-coating of the interior and exterior of our house.  In that time we've also bought, used, let dry up & thrown out about 10-15 other paint brushes, but this one keeps dodging the bullet.

2. These shorts- which along with the picture above should tell you a lot about my painting style (messy).  I bought these shorts (along with two sports bras I still have!) on my honeymoon at the Nike factory outlet in Bend-- twelve years ago.

3. This highchair.  I am completely positive that when I drop this off at Goodwill in about 2 years I will cry my eyes out.  It has been a permanent fixture in our house for the last 5 years, and well worth the $25 I paid for it off craigslist.  I have never had a seat cover on it, which helps me clearly see how much schlacked on baby food is present at all times.

Navy, current queen of the high chair.

Formerly under reign of prince Baylor

And originally purchased for this prima donna.

3. This rice cooker.  I'm pretty sure I bought this from target for $19.99 at least ten years ago.  Aside from the microwave & coffee pot, this is our most commonly used kitchen appliance.

4. This iphone case.  It has protected my phone for the last two years and been dropped in paint, dropped on the road, and handled countless times by clumsy toddlers.  It cost $20 and was worth every penny.

5. And last but not least, my double bob.  I bought it in good condition for $300 off craigslist.  Over the last three years this thing has logged some serious mileage.  I've not treated it gently and it shows.

It is ripping at the seams.  One of the harnesses is ripped too.

The handle bar foam is torn.

But it served its purpose

performs well in the airport as dual purpose child & luggage hauler

in cool weather

and hot (Disneyland!)

Handy for lulling children to sleep

3 pumpkin + 2 child capacity

or one teensy tiny one

or the biggest & smallest

or aforementioned 400 diapers (plus the baby who's gonna wear 'em)

Navy loves this stroller.

I love this stroller.

Perhaps I'll blog next about all the useless things I've purchased...


Anonymous said...

I'm missing your updates!!!!!! Tera

Anonymous said...

i love your sense of humor, if you laugh at your faults you can handle and live through anything. a well-stocked kitchen or pantry has always made me feel content. granny felt the same way. the amount of money on frivilious stuff is justified by the saving you get in buying in bulk. love you ooxx mom