Halloween, as told by Navy

Greetings and salutations!

Sorry it has been so long.  I've just bee-n super buzzy. pfft.

My big sis LOST a tooth. 

Like it fell out of her mouth.

Which is super demoralizing because, um, hellooo- TEETHING??!!!  

She told me, "Look- it is SUPER hard to eat babies when you're missing teeth."

And I was like, "Do you KNOW who you're talking to?"

I got 99 problems but teef ain't one.

I'll tell you what my problem is.  Fly away hair.

Round here they're tight with the aqua net but liberal with the costumes.

Which I was totally prepared to protest

until I saw how flattering the mustard was.

So now I'm pretty much a fan of Halloween.

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