Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday.

He is 58 years young.

I remember when he turned 30 and got a skateboard for his birthday.

And then did a handstand to prove he still could.

And then fell and dislocated his shoulder.

What can I say about my Dad? What would I say to him if I had only minutes to share some parting thoughts? Well, funny you ask! It just so happens that last time I flew I was pretty sure I was going to die.  There was a moderate amount of turbulence and the woman in my aisle was crying. Since I am a sympathetic panicker, I naturally assumed an emotionally fatalistic state and penned what I was certain would be my goodbye letter.  I am fully aware this is ridiculous.  But while I was quite nauseous from all the bumping and tossing I managed to eek out a few coherent thoughts, including this part to my dad.  Now if it sounds a bit over the top and dramatic, well just remember that I thought I was dying.  And if THAT sounds a bit over the top and dramatic, well welcome to Luke's exhausting life :)

Dad, you are one of the best relationships I have.

I have always, always wanted to make you proud.

And I have always, always known I have.

I know the depth of your love for me even if you think I cannot possibly understand.

I do- because it is the same way I feel for my own children.

I love you Dad!


Anonymous said...

dang he still gives me goose bumps and loved seeing these pics gosh mitch what a beautiful child to young woman you are can't believe i helped in creating you. two of the most precious people i know
ps i realize there were no pics of your siblings. you always did get your nose outa joint when you had to share dad or me. ooxx mom

Anonymous said...

He never did a skateboard hand stand when he was young. His first and only attempt was at 30? I think for his upcoming 60th birthday a moto cross bike may be in order. His Brother