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Some days I have to clean poo out of the foot of footsie pajamas.  Some days I find fruit smoothie splatter on the ceiling.  Some days I have to put 2 of 3 children to bed 2 or more times.

But joy always wins out.


Mad Scientists

Jo last year:

Baylor this year:


One and Fun.

Ohhh hai.

Guess WHAT!?


And I can hardly contain my excitement, though Jo & Bay are showing exemplary restraint.

Which is sort of the same way they acted when I first met them.

I was a little skeptical myself.

Then I realized how much fun they were.

Until they weren't.

Then I got big enough to defend myself.  But not big enough to grow hair.

Then I got a rabbit for protection.

Then I declared myself the golden child, above reproach.  But still no hair.

Now that I'm one I am officially old enough to be the boss of this house.

And I rule with a (chubby) iron fist. Hee hee.



A few thoughts on this picture...

1. As shown here, my personal mantra is "If it swims in the sea it's not for me."
2. I'm wearing my FATHER'S shirt in this picture.  It fits me, and I was 4 years old.  So I can only imagine how it looked on him.
3. My mother was apparently in the midst of a goose-with-neck-ribbon decor phase.