One and Fun.

Ohhh hai.

Guess WHAT!?


And I can hardly contain my excitement, though Jo & Bay are showing exemplary restraint.

Which is sort of the same way they acted when I first met them.

I was a little skeptical myself.

Then I realized how much fun they were.

Until they weren't.

Then I got big enough to defend myself.  But not big enough to grow hair.

Then I got a rabbit for protection.

Then I declared myself the golden child, above reproach.  But still no hair.

Now that I'm one I am officially old enough to be the boss of this house.

And I rule with a (chubby) iron fist. Hee hee.


Anonymous said...

your blogs always make me tear up. what a great mom you are, that is because you listen to my unwanted advice. god has given you the best
ooxx mom

Anonymous said...

dang it i previously wrote a comment that never showed up. so to recap with a more condensed version. after reading all the crap from liberals on the news and social media. i'm so angry and it is really hard for me to keep my opinions to myself. so instead of reaching for the bottle of whiskey i decided to re-read your posts. my anger has been replaced with a heart full of love. so in reality your funny and very well written posts have prevented a possible alcoholic parent. love you mom ooxx