Winter Sunshine





Kick Rocks.

Oh HI! First picture aside, I need you to know this is NOT a feel-good blog.

In fact some audiences (particularly the 2 and under crowd) may find this story of injustice quite disturbing. I know I do.

It all started innocently enough. I mean there I was, just out for a brisk walk under the cloudy Portland skies.  I had my fancy pants on and my dashing yellow slicker.  .

And then, to my delight, I found a delicious looking rock.

I had a little nibble, and I mean to tell you: it was one tasty rock!

And then my mean old mom said in a mean old voice, "NO! You may NOT EAT THAT ROCK."

I was like, "WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?"

"You CANNOT even be serious Mom!"

Then I didn't even have words to convey my overwhelming, nay debilitating, sense of loss and grief.

And I couldn't even bear to look at my mean old mom for depriving me of a rock I found of my own accord.

And that's the end. No fairy tale ending where I'm reunited with my special rock.  Nope.  As I said, a troubling story of injustice.  Sorry if I ruined your day.