Kick Rocks.

Oh HI! First picture aside, I need you to know this is NOT a feel-good blog.

In fact some audiences (particularly the 2 and under crowd) may find this story of injustice quite disturbing. I know I do.

It all started innocently enough. I mean there I was, just out for a brisk walk under the cloudy Portland skies.  I had my fancy pants on and my dashing yellow slicker.  .

And then, to my delight, I found a delicious looking rock.

I had a little nibble, and I mean to tell you: it was one tasty rock!

And then my mean old mom said in a mean old voice, "NO! You may NOT EAT THAT ROCK."

I was like, "WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?"

"You CANNOT even be serious Mom!"

Then I didn't even have words to convey my overwhelming, nay debilitating, sense of loss and grief.

And I couldn't even bear to look at my mean old mom for depriving me of a rock I found of my own accord.

And that's the end. No fairy tale ending where I'm reunited with my special rock.  Nope.  As I said, a troubling story of injustice.  Sorry if I ruined your day.


Anonymous said...

poor navy i am so glad that mean old mom dressed you correctly for the weather. i know she isn't always on top of her game when it comes to coats, shoes and socks, but sweetie she is right if you swallow/eat that nice rock you could get very sick. now maybe if she fed you before you go for a walk. i'll have a talk with her. ooxx grammie

Anonymous said...

Lol, your mom is hysterical!! Love her comment

Anonymous said...

to my dear darling daughter, michelle;

whenever i'm feeling sore and a little down, i re-read your cute and very funny blogs. you ALWAYS brighten my day.

my love for you is endless, mom ooxx

Anonymous said...

re-read this and again i laughed so hard. i'm so so sick and pissed off at all these baby-acting liberals about trump and what he is doing. so hard to keep my opinions to myself. hell i just might start to seriously drink. but decided to re-read all your posts. i'm feeling much better and have replaced my anger with love for you and the great talent you have writing about my sweet grandbabies. thank you sweetheart. my love for you is never-ending ooxx mom