I know why the caged bird sings. Because it wants OUT.

Look. I'm an adventurous gal.

Conquering feats is sorta my specialty.

You have to be pretty brave.  And agile.

I got some work to do on my agility.

But I got the brave thing DOWN.

It all started with needing to know everything.  Like what toys are in the bottom of this bin?

And what is it like to be simultaneously ON a chair and UNDER a desk?

And if your mom's ignoring the fact that you're throwing food (which is how you tell her you are done and her cooking could use some work), and she won't let you out of your high chair, can you just leave on your own? yep. You can.

And if by chance your dad doesn't latch the door all the way, is it possible to incite fear and panic like wildfire through the fragile hearts of your parents by escaping unattended to the front yard? Yes- but this was not very well received.  No hero's welcome for this baby!

And as if the personal growth from these adventures were not reward enough, my parents got me a new toy.

It is the biggest toy in the whole world, and it has LOTS of colors.

And it has lots of....hey wait.  I don't think...

I don't think it has any DOORS!

I think this is a mean TRICK!

They betrayed my trust!





Anonymous said...

heavens this is so precious. her new cage is a must have, tell jo and baylor they need to take turns being inside with her. well that could have all of them turning on you lol
ooxx mom

Anonymous said...

love this! I appreciate your political correctness in this pretty colorful cage. I was not so much and just put my little curious guy into the giant chain link dog kennel. questionable parenting perhaps, but he was safe! :)